Notes: On Light & Tone

Overall, in the beginning I had difficulty distinguishing between light from the primary light source and secondary reflected light because I was more concern with the proportion and the shape of the objects. Somehow I always am. I would say to myself: How am I going to draw that?! The use of basic concepts helped to keep in mind the five value system. And taking a few step backs to analyze the set better and try to find the forms of light as well as shadow, helped in understanding where the light comes from. In some objects, it was more obvious (the sphere), and in others not so much (the frame in the set of my assignment).

From what I learned, tone is everything specially when using chiaroscuro techniques. The tone is what helps gives the object its volume and make it more real and three-dimensional. For example, if the sphere did not have the light and dark tones, it would be a circle. But the use of tones it what makes it stand out and have a form. I think that once you understand the use of tone, you can move on to creating more complex forms and providing that same form, value and volume they possess.

My study of basic shapes individually and in composition (done previously) helped a lot in understanding how the light is reflected upon each object. As we know, all objects are in the form of a basic shape, so when the time comes to observe more complex objects there is a better understanding.¬†Looking at other artists’ work also helps. Studying their work can be very helpful and there are a lot of sources to use. I’m very happy I revived basic concepts and feel I have a fresh start in completing the exercises.