Project 2 – Exercise 3: Creating Shadow using Lines & Marks

For this exercise I used some items around my house like items from exercise 1, items on my desk and individual shapes that came to mind. I used a variety of materials such as pen, brush pen, pastel oil and watercolor. I worked with lines, cross-hatching and spots.

I am currently using Mixed Media Sketchbook from Strathmore for my sketching of this course. But I took some time to use another sketchbook that has a smoother paper and a post-it note just to vary. I noticed I did not use any dots or more broken shapes to create shadows. I realized I tend to cross-hatch or use lose lines. The spontaneity with pen feel so much richer than using pencil. Is it the thought that I can delete it if I make a mistake or that I have tend to work slower with it?

The watercolor was fun to use because it allowed not to have strong lines to create the shape of the object. But instead the amount of water and color I used helped in achieving the shadow and shapes. The same happened with the oil pastel stick, but I had to be a bit more careful with the pressure. The last two images were worked on quickly just to practice a bit more. I thought of the image and put it on paper pretty quickly with a blue pen.


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