Project 2 – Exercise 2: Observing Shadow using blocks of tone

Sources for practicing: Because I felt my initial sketches in the previous exercise were not entirely accurate, I decided to step back and go back to basics with some concepts and practices. I read again “Drawing Basics” by Artist Daily, which is a free document you can find on the internet and has basic concepts about drawing shapes. I have local holidays so this has been great, as most of my time has been working on these studies of the basics.  Each drawing took about an hour and a half and I used charcoal pencil and Strathmore Charcoal Paper 11inx17in 300 Series. I find this paper great for working with charcoal it has a medium tooth and the charcoal adheres decently well. Great for practice.

The basic shapes were easy to work with. I had to take care of the cylinder and the top size. I think it could be improved but I was happy with the result of a quick study. The Still Life I worked on were two simple shapes of ceramics at a friend’s house. I used a cheaper quality of paper and charcoal, both willow and stick for this exercise. Had a pretty good set up and decent light. I think I improved on my ellipses but the shape of the smallest ceramic really seems off from the right. I don’t see the same shape. Overall, I’ve always struggled with ellipses and shapes of bottles (making the necks equal), ceramics and other round objects. It’s hard to get it right at once, but after some work it can be as accurate as possible.

The two ceramic items are pale and simple shaped. They were fairly easier to draw than my Complex Shapes in the the previous exercise.

***Materials: I purchased a plaster cast kit a few years ago in the U.S. I will update the post when i find the link. The plaster cast includes a head, torso, cone, sphere, square and cylinder. I recommend it if you want to practice drawing, proportion, value and quick sketching. 


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