Project 2 – Exercise 1: Group of Objects

For this exercise, I practiced with two set of objects. The first set was pretty standard. I chose a cylinder, circle, square and triangle shape. I realized I hadn’t practiced this type of drawing in a while so I wanted to go back to basics. I’ve always had issues with cylinders, and on this first image I don’t feel my cylinders are exactly as the picture. My view was different, but I think they could be improved.

For the second group of objects, I chose objects a bit more complex with a more varied shape, size, reflection. The instructions doesn’t indicate it, but I wasn’t as clean with my lines as with the first drawing. I struggle more in terms of size and relation of objects. It wasn’t part of my initial idea, but I decided to incorporate the reflection in the mirror so the composition could be understood more. I had a lot of work with the evaluation of the relation of the shapes to each other, the space between them and drawing them as accurate as possible. Mainly, the cylinder shapes and the glass in the middle of the composition. It was very tricky.

The materials I used were Charcoal pencil 6B and willow charcoal (initial outline), Blick Newsprint paper 18×24 paper, kneaded eraser, easel and backboard for support.  The charcoal pencil I’ve used for some time now, and the thin shape it has now helped in making more straight lines as a bit of soft edges. But it was difficult not to press hard and make strong marks with it. In the picture I can really tell where I pressed harder.

What I learned with this exercise is that I need to go back to basics, practice with the still life at home and try to be more secure with the lines I make. I struggled with the shapes and proportion, so definitely need some practice!



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