Exercise 2: Experimenting with Texture

I guess the hardest part was trying to reproduce the texture. I think I limited myself to pencil, pen and ink -for the most part. Now I’m thinking I could’ve explore more with other materials like salt+watercolor, but I’m feeling “rushed” because I am feeling like I’ve fallen behind on my assignments and exercises, and also because I felt some frustration with the textures (specially the wall 1 texture and the tree trunk). So I tried to work as fast as possible so as not to overthink it. It seems this is an issue for me -overthinking the process- and I do feel that when I don’t do it, the results are better…more natural.

So, overall: 1. The modeling paste I used for Wall1 texture didn’t create the effect that I wanted. I think I need to experiment with the material more and the acrylic dried too fast. 2. Wall2 texture was great and interesting in the frontage but turned out weird on my experimenting. It seems broken. 3. The frottage of the tree trunk didn’t come out as “its true form/shape/texture.” 4. Frottage with pencil is way better than color pencil. I tried frottage with a fruit peel and it didn’t work. I will definitely get to try more with experimenting in my sketchbook.

***The sketchbook I am using is Strathmore Mixed Media 7.75in.x9.75in. (19.7×24.8cm); 90 lb. (190 g/m2)


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